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T, LAVINA       Married 1856       HURT, JOSHUA
T, LENA       Married 1890       MADDUX, LEONARD
T, LEWIS       Married 1888       HILL, MARGARET
T, LIBBIE       Married 1921       TIPPINS, ERNEST
T, LILLA       Married 1904       TRYLOR, TRAVIS
T, LORA       Married 1932       SLAUGHTER, DAVID
T, LORENA       Married 1934       PEARMAN, CHARLES
T, LORRAINE       Married 1964       MAJHOR, CLAY
T, LOUISA       Married 1852       PITTS, BARBEE
T, LOUISE       Married 1910       CURRY, LEROY
T, LOUISE       Married 1895       HANSON, HENRY
T, LOUISE       Married 1886       MATT, ALBERT      
T, LUANNE       Married 1866       BROOKS, ELKHANNA
T, LUANNE       Married 1866       BROOKS, ELKHANNAH
T, LUCRETIA       Married 1908       HARDMAN, GEORGE
T, LUCY       Married 1902       BALDAUF, GEORGE
T, LUCY       Married 1885       CHILES, JOEL      
T, LUCY       Married 1851       GREEN, JOHN
T, LUELLA       Married 1887       EDMONSON, HARRIS
T, LUTICIA       Married 1883       GREEN, GEORGE
T, LYDIA       Married 1871       FRITH, FERDINAND
T, M       Married 1868       HALBROOKS, ROBERT

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