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SUMNER, DALE       Married 1946       DAVIS, MARTHA
SUMNER, DALE       Married 1969       MASTERS, NORMA
SUMNER, DALE       Married 1948       SMITH, LOIS
SUMNER, DALE       Married 1991       SUMNER, LINDA
SUMNER, DALE       Married 1969       SUMNER, NORMA
SUMNER, DALIA       Married 1977       SUMNER, STEVE
SUMNER, DAMAR       Married 1988       SMITH, LORETTA
SUMNER, DANA       Married 1997       RING, JERRY
SUMNER, DANIAL       Married 1876       HOBBY, MARTHA
SUMNER, DANIAL       Married 1853       MONK, MARTHA
SUMNER, DANIEL       Married 1856       ARRINGTON, MARY
SUMNER, DANIEL       Married 1745       BADCOCK, ABIGAIL

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