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SUSENIEHL, CHARLES       Married 1866       FROHM, ANNA
SUSENS, FREDERICK       Married 1870       SHOPPA, LIZZIE
SUSENS, SCOTT       Married 1993       DAWSON, BETH
SUSEP, HANNAH       Married 1778       PAUL, PIERRE
SUSEP, JOHN       Married 1912       ATTEAN, MARTHA
SUSEP, SARAH       Married 1908       LORING, WALTER
SUSER, KATERINA       Married 1891       PECHAL, JANUARY
SUSERND, LEONARD       Married 1940       SCISM, MILDRED
SUSEROD, ANDOR       Married 1920       STEGGALL, OPHELIA
SUSERUD, JOHN       Married 1951       MILLER, ROSE
SUSETTA, GAIN       Married 1759       WILHELM, DEICHMANN

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