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PMARTIN, HAROLD       Married 1926       THIBODEAU, EMMA
PMAYBERRY, AMELIA       Married 1864       EPIDCOKE, JOHN
PMEDA, MILAGRO       Married 1985       WHITE, RICHARD
PMEDA, VENTURA       Married 1985       WHITE, RICHARD
PMEEHAN, JOHN       Married 1908       LAROCHELLE, OLIVIA
PMELEY, JOHN       Married 1645       WATSON, ELEONORE
PMIGAR, NELSON       Married 1853       EVANS, NANCY
PMITZEL, EDINGER       Married 1891       SHANBARGER, MARY
PMOLE, LOUISA       Married 1881       SMITH, WILLIAM
PMORE, HAZEL       Married 1950       QUALLS, WILLS
PMORGAN, THOMAS       Married 1898       NOLES, NANCY
PMORIARITY, NINA       Married 1908       MANN, NORTON
PMORTON, THOMAS       Married 1874       GARRETT, FANNIE
PMULRONEY, GERALD       Married 1949       ERHARDT, MARY

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