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O1PETERSHAM, SARAH       Married 1791       RAWSON, LEMUEL
O2019BRIEN, ESTELLA       Married 1933       HADLEY, BENJAMIN
O2019BRIEN, MINERVA       Married 1933       HADLEY, BENJAMIN
O2019BRIEN, POLLY       Married 1820       ROWE, JOSEPH
O2019BRIEN, ROY       Married 1914       TURNER, FLORA
O2019CONNELL, EVANGELINE       Married 1896       TREMEWAN, THOMAS
O2019CONNELL, MAY       Married 1896       TREMEWAN, THOMAS
O2019CONNOR, MARY       Married 1912       MCQUILLEN, JAMES
O2019DEA, NELIE       Married 1915       LETTEER, FRED
O2019DELL, ARDIS       Married 1942       PEPERKORN, WILBUR
O2019NEAL, JAMES       Married 1847       WINNE, ELIZA
O2019NEAL, JOANNE       Married 1784       SWEAT, JAMES
O2019NEAL, WILLIAM       Married 1847       WINNE, ELIZA
O2019NEIL, CATHERINE       Married 1860       SHERIDAN, WILLIAM
O2019NEIL, MARY       Married 1818       DUMOND, PETER
O2019QUINN, FANNIE       Married 1891       FENLEY, ROBERT
O2019QUINN, WILLIAM       Married 1888       FENLEY, CLARA
O39DAY, SAMUEL       Married 1934       AMES, ELZADA
O39DAY, STEVEN       Married 1934       AMES, ELZADA
O39NEIL, MARY       Married 1859       BIRMINGHAM, EDWARD

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