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NK, SARAH       Married 1688       DICKINSON, JOHN
NK, SUNTGEN       Married 1625       LEINEN, CLAUSS
NKALARI, ANDY       Married 1983       NKALARI, PAMELA
NKALARI, NDUBUISI       Married 1989       OGBUEHI, AMANDA
NKALARI, PAMELA       Married 1983       NKALARI, ANDY
NKALARIA, NDUBUISI       Married 1983       TURNER, PAMELA
NKAMA, BARBARA       Married 1987       NKAMA, EGWU
NKAMA, EGWU       Married 1987       BECK, BARBARA
NKAMA, EGWU       Married 1987       NKAMA, BARBARA

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