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MVAREK, WINCOME       Married 1875       NEMCOVA, JOSEFA
MVARGA, SÁNDOR       Married 1861       FEHÉR, REBEKA
MVARGAS, JOHN       Married 1971       BECK, GLADYS
MVAUGHAN, JANE       Married 1839       VAUGHAN, JOHN
MVAUGHAN, MARY       Married 1813       VAUGHAN, HENRY
MVAUGHT, WILLIAM       Married 1911       JENKINS, ETHEL
MVAUGHT, WILLIAM       Married 1911       LYONS, DENIA
MVCALL, ELEANOR       Married 1794       FRIEND 1, ANDREW
MVILLALVA, LUPE       Married 1885       RUSSEK, MARCOS
MVINTOSH, RHODA       Married 1893       KERLEY, J
MVIRGONA, MARIA       Married 1907       VIRGONA, GIUSEPPE
MVKENZIE, MYRTLE       Married 1914       MELL, HENRY
MVKNIGHT, MARY       Married 1890       BAIRD, JOHN
MVNIZ, GILBERT       Married 1979       CARMONA, DELMA
MVOYLES, FRANCIS       Married 1894       ADEWEESE, SALLY
MVOZEK, MARY       Married 1984       IBRAHIM, NASSER
MVRUSSELL, ARTHUR       Married 1853       HARRIS, REBECCA
MVSACHIA, EDITH       Married 1986       MVSACHIA, JOHN

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