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MBONU, FLORENCE       Married 1988       NZEAKOR, AMBROSE
MBONU, INEZ       Married 1978       MBONU, BENJAMIN
MBONU, RAYMOND       Married 1982       WILLIAMS, LYNN
MBOOB, DAWDA       Married 2000       DENNIS, ALICIA
MBOOB, EBRIMA       Married 1994       MAGEE, ANTOINETTE
MBOOB, MARY       Married 1994       MBOOB, MOMODOU
MBOOB, MOMODOU       Married 1994       FREEMAN, MARY
MBOOB, MOMODOU       Married 1994       MBOOB, MARY
MBOOB, OUMIE       Married 1995       GABBIDON, JOSE
MBOOB, OUMIE       Married 1999       LAMPKIN, MARVIN
MBOOB, OUSMAN       Married 1993       MILLS, ELIZABETH
MBOOB, SULAYMAN       Married 1992       DOZIER, DEMETRIA
MBOOZ, CLARENCE       Married 1951       BRUHN, NANCY
MBORDEN, CAROLINE       Married 1801       OSWELL, JOHN
MBOUISSOU, STEEVE       Married 1999       JACKSON, SIMIA
MBOUP, NENE       Married 1996       DIOP, IBRAHIMA
MBOWIE, ROBERT       Married 1873       EARLY, MARGARET
MBOWSHER, FRANCIS       Married 1902       NEWHOUSE, MARY

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