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MBLANK, AMANDA       Married 1913       ESSIG, HERMAN
MBO, BRIDGET       Married 1994       WATTS, RICKY
MBO, DIARMAIT       Married 1020       O'BRIEN, DEARBFORGAIL
MBO, DONCHAD       Married 1019       PATRAIC, AIFE
MBODEY, ALICE       Married 1904       UHLMANSIEK, CHARLES
MBODJ, FARA       Married 1988       BRECKENRIDGE, KATHRYN
MBODJI, LINDA       Married 1989       MBODJI, SENGONE
MBODJI, SENGANE       Married 1989       WOMACK, LINDA
MBODJI, SENGONE       Married 1989       MBODJI, LINDA
MBOGE, ISATOU       Married 1985       RICHARDSON, A
MBOGO, DEDAN       Married 1989       KAHENDE, MARY
MBOGO, GEORGE       Married 1978       SMITH, BRENDA
MBOGO, MARY       Married 1998       NGOTHO, ANDREW
MBOGU, CHIMEZIE       Married 1985       IBE, RUTH
MBOGU, CHIMEZIE       Married 1987       MBOGU, LOYCE
MBOGU, CHIMEZIE       Married 1987       PETERSON, LOYCE
MBOGU, LOYCE       Married 1987       MBOGU, CHIMEZIE
MBOGU, NGOZI       Married 1985       OGUGBUAJA, VICTOR

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