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MBANEFO, IFEOMA       Married 1998       OKWUSOGU, ISAAC
MBANETO, GEORGE       Married 1985       MBANETO, WANDA
MBANETO, WANDA       Married 1985       MBANETO, GEORGE
MBANG, ISUA       Married 1996       MBANG, LAURA
MBANG, LAURA       Married 1996       MBANG, ISUA
MBANGA, JOSIFINA       Married 1996       OWUSU, DUKU
MBANGA, VENETIA       Married 1999       DOKA, CHARLES
MBANGA, VENETIA       Married 1996       TAYLOR, ANTHONY
MBANI, MICHAEL       Married 1983       GRICE, LORETHA
MBANUGO, IFY       Married 1997       ANAZODO, IKE
MBANUZUE, JUDE       Married 1979       MBANUZUE, MARIA
MBANUZUE, JUDE       Married 1981       SPIVEY, IVA
MBANUZUE, MARIA       Married 1979       MBANUZUE, JUDE
MBANWEI, DAVID       Married 1993       HILL, JACQUELINE
MBANYA, BRIGITTE       Married 1992       MOFOR, DANIEL
MBANYA, BRIGITTE       Married 1994       MOFOR, DANIEL
MBANYA, SIDONIE       Married 1989       AMBE, DOMINIC
MBANYAM, GEORGE       Married 1983       MBANYAM, JO

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