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KMIEC, JAN       Married 1739       WARZALA, REGINA
KMIEC, JANELLE       Married 1993       BARRETT, TERRY
KMIEC, JANIS       Married 1975       FULLER, IRA
KMIEC, JEANETTE       Married 1974       SEXTON, MARC
KMIEC, JEROME       Married 1974       WERNECKE, CONNIE
KMIEC, JOE       Married 1968       SALYER, GRACIE
KMIEC, JOHN       Married 1894       WROBEL, KATARZYNA
KMIEC, JOHNNIE       Married 1977       LORENZ, BEATRICE
KMIEC, JOSEPH       Married 1967       COLLUMS, BERNELL
KMIEC, JOSEPH       Married 1975       KOPESKY, MARY
KMIEC, JOSEPH       Married 1983       SANDERS, CAROL
KMIEC, JOSEPH       Married 1924       WILSON, LIDA
KMIEC, JOZEF       Married 1787       MOTYKA, MARYANNA
KMIEC, JOZEF       Married 1759       NETKO, ANNA
KMIEC, JOZEF       Married 1769       SLINKA, REGINA
KMIEC, JOZEF       Married 1787       WROBEL, KATARZYNA
KMIEC, JOZEF       Married 1773       WYBRANIEC, TERESA

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