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KMATTHIEU, JOANNE       Married 1619       GREEN, JOHN
KMATZ, JON       Married 1938       POLLOCK, CLOTINE
KMATZ, LORILEI       Married 1960       DAHL, ROGER
KMATZ, MICHAEL       Married 1938       POLLOCK, CLOTINE
KMAYHEW, WILLIAM       Married 1875       MURRAY, ANNA
KMBALL, ALFRED       Married 1846       DOANE, MARY
KMBALL, ANNA       Married 1777       GALLUP, WILLIAM
KMBALL, AVERY       Married 1919       CLARK, SUSIE
KMBALL, MASON       Married 1919       CLARK, SUSIE
KMEC, ANNA       Married 1899       GRIPP, MICHAEL
KMEC, CATHERINE       Married 1916       GOERKE, WILLIAM
KMEC, JOHN       Married 1916       KOLLAR, MARY
KMEC, MIKE       Married 1916       KOLLAR, MARY
KMEC, PAUL       Married 1992       WOODY, JACQLYN
KMECHEK, SAMUEL       Married 1928       ROTTER, GLADYS
KMECIK, GEORGE       Married 1893       BOLAND, MARY
KMECK, ANNA       Married 1880       PROCHAZKA, VENS

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