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JRNNINGS, MARY       Married 1844       SWITZER, ABRAM
JRNNINGS, SIRILDIA       Married 1920       JONES, HENRY
JROAN, MARY       Married 1876       SEXTON, WILLIAM
JROGENSEN, WILLIAM       Married 1969       SMITH, DEBORAH
JROIN, MARY       Married 1873       BIGANE, JOHN
JROLF, DAVID       Married 1994       DOWNES, MOIRA
JRONBERG, LOUISA       Married 1881       HAEGG, AUGUST
JRONSTOTT, JOHN       Married 1815       WHITE, ELIZABETH
JROSCH, ANTON       Married 1872       MELER, LUCIA
JROSE, ELMARIE       Married 1985       WATKINS, ANTONIO
JROSS, ELIZA       Married 1838       TURNEY, JOHN
JROSS, MARY       Married 1850       DOBBS, WILLIAM
JROTH, EMMA       Married 1911       KING, CHRISTIAN
JROVEL, HENRY       Married 1767       KELLER, ANNA
JROWEKAMP, ANTON       Married 1884       WISE, MAGGIE
JROY, ALBERT       Married 1924       DULUDE, ANNETTE

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