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JRIDI, HAIFA       Married 1992       JRIDI, AHMAD
JRIEGE, GORGES       Married 1986       JRIEGE, TERESA
JRIEGE, TERESA       Married 1986       JRIEGE, GORGES
JRIEN, RONALD       Married 1983       CURRY, LINDA
JRIGGS, ELIZA       Married 1877       PETERSON, HUGH
JRIMSRUD, ANNE       Married 1864       ROSSUM, OLE
JRINDELL, LURA       Married 1882       KELLER, GEORGE
JRINGER, BARBARA       Married 1764       MEIER, HEINRICH
JRINGER, JAKOB       Married 1777       MEIER, ANNA
JRINGER, JAKOB       Married 1742       MEIER, BARBARA
JRINGER, JUDITH       Married 1785       MEIER, JAKOB
JRISK, NIKODEUS       Married 1890       MALICH, JOSIE
JRJACKSON, EDWARD       Married 1720       GALE, ABIGAIL
JRJEFFERSON, THOMAS       Married 1697       FIELD, MARY
JRJEFFERSON, THOMAS       Married 1697       FIELDS, MARY
JRJENS, JANNA       Married 1918       EVERS, EGBERT

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