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JRENSIGN, JOHN       Married 1679       WELLINGTON, MARY
JRERY, SOPHIE       Married 1875       CLOUTIER, ISIDORE
JREY, ANNA       Married 1853       EVERETT, JOHN
JREYES, MARIA       Married 1992       GARCIA, TRINIDAD
JREYNOLDS, REBECCA       Married 1849       BURSON, JAMES
JRFOX, JOHN       Married 1850       KRING, MARY
JRFROST, ANDREW       Married 1903       COPENHAVER, CORA
JRG, STEFAN       Married 1838       HARDER, KRESZENTIA
JRGENS, ANNA       Married 1664       SLUBECK, HANS
JRGENS, CARSTEN       Married 1668       BEHRMANN, GESCHE
JRGENS, FRANS       Married 1688       MUND, ILSABE
JRGENS, JOHANNE       Married 1874       BERG, ARNE
JRGENS, KAREN       Married 1651       KREUTZAVER, JOHANN
JRGENS, MARGARETHA       Married 1694       BADE, HARM
JRGENS, MARGARETHA       Married 1694       KRAMP, THIES
JRGENS, TRIENCKE       Married 1738       DIECKEN, JOHANN

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