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JRCRUGER, NICHOLAS       Married 1799       HEYWARD, ANN
JRDAY, SAMUEL       Married 1812       ROBBINS, HANNAH
JRDEACON, JOSEPH       Married 1759       BROWNWID, LYDIA
JRDEACON, JOSEPH       Married 1740       FROST, MARTHA
JRDEACON, JOSEPH       Married 1750       HALL, HANNAH
JRDEACON, JOSEPH       Married 1723       HOVEY, MARY
JRDEACON, JOSEPH       Married 1753       HOVEYWID, SARAH
JRDICK, GERHARD       Married 1872       BRANDT, ANNA
JRDRE, BARBR       Married 1714       YSTS, SJUR
JRDRE, JOHANNES       Married 1752       BILDE, GURI
JRDRE, NILS       Married 1756       NESHEIM, ANNA
JRDRE, SJUR       Married 1785       YSTS, BARBR
JREADERY, ETHEL       Married 1906       GRADY, CHARLES
JREADREY, BLANCH       Married 1905       PEREAU, BENJAMIN
JREADREY, ETHEL       Married 1910       PENNELL, EDWARD
JREADREY, ETHEL       Married 1915       SMITH, EDGAR

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