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ILER, NELLIE       Married 1905       ECKHARDT, LOUIS
ILER, NELLIE       Married 1929       O'CONNOR, DON
ILER, NELLIE       Married 1893       PHILLIPS, EDWIN
ILER, OSCAR       Married 1911       EACOTT, LAURA
ILER, OSCAR       Married 1908       HUMMEL, IVA
ILER, OTIS       Married 1922       NEWMAN, MARTHA
ILER, PATRICIA       Married 1981       CRAWFORD, RICHARD
ILER, PAULINE       Married 1938       RUSSELL, MORELL
ILER, PEARL       Married 1922       MOSSER, CECIL
ILER, PEARL       Married 1922       MOSSOR, CECIL
ILER, PENNIE       Married 1983       THOMASON, ADAM
ILER, PERRY       Married 1831       SMITH, ELIZABETH

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