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ILLIDGE, WILLIAM       Married 1807       WINSTANLEY, ANN
ILLIE, PHILLIP       Married 1946       TURNER, ZELPHIA
ILLIER, DORIA       Married 1842       METCALFE, JOHN
ILLIERS, GEOFFROI       Married 1369       ARDENAY, JEANNE
ILLIES, ALCUIN       Married 1956       SCHOENBORN, DORINE
ILLIES, CHARLES       Married 1989       DANIELSON, SHARON
ILLIES, CLAUS       Married 1733       VON WURDEN, KATHARINA
ILLIES, EDNA       Married 1926       KAIN, FRANCIS
ILLIES, EMILY       Married 1967       CULP, SAMUEL
ILLIES, GRETE       Married 1686       GLOISTEIN, JACOB
ILLIES, IMEKE       Married 1640       VON WFCRDEN, CORD
ILLIES, IMEKE       Married 1640       VON WÜRDEN, CORD

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