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IBERT, MARTIN       Married 1814       FOERSTL, MARIA
IBERT, MARTIN       Married 1846       HUG, JOSEPHA
IBERT, MARTIN       Married 1885       TROWBRIDGE, JULIA
IBERT, MARTIN       Married 1887       TROWBRIDGE, JULIA
IBERT, MARY       Married 1984       ANDERSON, THOMAS
IBERT, MARY       Married 1879       KIRCH, FRANCIS
IBERT, MARY_MAGDALENE       Married 1944       STRUBB, JAMES
IBERT, MATHIAE       Married 1788       TRENKLE, MARIAE
IBERT, MERYL       Married 1944       STRUBB, JAMES
IBERT, MICHAEL       Married 1981       WELCH, JEANIE
IBERT, MILDRED       Married 1933       BABST, EMILE
IBERT, MILDRED       Married 1944       STRUBB, JAMES
IBERT, NIKOLAUS       Married 1830       KOCH, THERESIA
IBERT, OTHILIA       Married 1843       EBLE, THADDAEUS
IBERT, PATRICIA       Married 1974       NEWMAN, JAMES

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