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IBERG, CONSTANCE       Married 2000       PIEL, THOMAS
IBERG, CONSTANCE       Married 1977       SUIT, RICHARD
IBERG, EDWARD       Married 1883       JUNGHAUS, LOUISE
IBERG, ELIZABETH       Married 1841       LANGE, WILLIAM
IBERG, ELIZABETH       Married 1877       WELTY, GEORGE
IBERG, ELLA       Married 1914       ESSENPRIES, OSCAR
IBERG, EMMA       Married 1878       IMMER, GOTTLEIB
IBERG, GOTTLIEB       Married 1854       MAURER, VERENA
IBERG, HELENE       Married 1921       WURDEMAN, ERNST
IBERG, HENRY       Married 1858       PFIFFNER, LOUISA
IBERG, JACOB       Married 1883       CREWS, EVALINA
IBERG, JAMES       Married 1990       WHITACRE, MICHELLE
IBERG, JOHN       Married 1858       HAMMER, THERESA
IBERG, JOHN       Married 1895       KRENZER, MILLIE
IBERG, JR       Married 1889       ANTENEN, SOPHIE

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