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IBE, EDGAR       Married 1985       MORIN, NINFA
IBE, EDWIN       Married 1983       CARRIZALES, DOLORES
IBE, ELIZABETH       Married 1857       DUNICA, JOHN
IBE, ELVIRA       Married 1981       IBE, RAYMOND
IBE, EMANUEL       Married 1983       HOUSE, VICKIE
IBE, EMANUEL       Married 1985       OKORONKWE, VIVIAN
IBE, EMEKA       Married 1987       DAGGS, BRENDA
IBE, EMEKA       Married 1995       RAMANA, INDRANIE
IBE, EMMANUEL       Married 1987       IBE, BRENDA
IBE, EMMANUEL       Married 1995       IBE, INDRANIE
IBE, EMMANUEL       Married 1983       IBE, VICKY
IBE, EMMANUEL       Married 1985       MITCHELL, DEBRA
IBE, EVELYN       Married 1981       IBE, FREDERICK
IBE, FREDERICK       Married 1981       IBE, EVELYN
IBE, FREDERICK       Married 1981       LAVENDER, EVELYN

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