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IBE, ANASTASIA       Married 2000       FOWLER, HENRY
IBE, ANDREW       Married 1984       LYNCH, BARBARA
IBE, ANDY       Married 1984       IBE, BARBARA
IBE, ANTHONY       Married 1979       COLLINS, CYNTHIA
IBE, ANTHONY       Married 1990       EKECHI, R      
IBE, ANTHONY       Married 1979       IBE, CYNTHIA
IBE, ATSUKO       Married 1981       KAMINSKY, EDWARD
IBE, BARBARA       Married 1984       IBE, ANDY
IBE, BARBARA       Married 1986       IBE, ROBERT
IBE, BENEDICT       Married 1984       IBE, JOYCE
IBE, BONIFACE       Married 1996       IBE, GLOWRAN
IBE, BONIFACE       Married 1993       IBE, INNOCENCIA
IBE, BONIFACE       Married 1996       PHILLIPS, GLOWRAN
IBE, BRENDA       Married 1987       IBE, EMMANUEL
IBE, BRIDGETTE       Married 1990       IBE, CHRISTOPHER

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