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IBARRA, SERGIO       Married 1976       RANGEL, ESPERANZA
IBARRA, SERGIO       Married 1986       ROBERTS, DIANE
IBARRA, SERNA       Married 1989       LOPEZ, MARLA
IBARRA, SERRANO       Married 1975       ORTEGA, SALAS
IBARRA, SERVANDO       Married 1998       CRUZ, MANUELA
IBARRA, SERVANDO       Married 1977       DEANDA, LETICIA
IBARRA, SERVANDO       Married 1990       GUAJARDO, SYLVIA
IBARRA, SERVANDO       Married 1992       URANGA, ROSALBA
IBARRA, SEVILLA       Married 1990       DIAZ, HINOJOSA
IBARRA, SHARLENE       Married 2000       NAJERA, EDUARDO
IBARRA, SHARON       Married 1990       IBARRA, REY
IBARRA, SHIRLEY       Married 1972       IBARRA, MICHAEL
IBARRA, SHIRLEY       Married 1991       PENA, LORENZO
IBARRA, SIGIFREDO       Married 1971       SEPULVEDA, SOTO
IBARRA, SILVANO       Married 1991       COOK, DONNA

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