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IBACH, DALE       Married 1935       FIELDING, ETHEL
IBACH, DAVID       Married 1946       MECCA, RORA
IBACH, DEWITT       Married 1919       CARSON, ALETA
IBACH, DICK       Married 1898       PUTT, SALLIE
IBACH, DICK       Married 1898       PUTT, SARAH
IBACH, DONALD       Married 1922       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
IBACH, DOREEN       Married 1987       HILTON, DENSON
IBACH, DOREEN       Married 1971       JEROME, GREGORY
IBACH, ELIZABETH       Married 1942       ALTHERR, LEO
IBACH, ELIZABETH       Married 1944       FEAGIN, LESLIE
IBACH, ELIZABETH       Married 1953       PARSONS, WALTER
IBACH, EMILY       Married 1892       MARCO, RUDOLPH
IBACH, ERHARD       Married 1865       UNKNOWN, LENA
IBACH, EUGENE       Married 1931       DUNNUM, THELMA
IBACH, EVA       Married 1718       SCHUMANN, PETER
IBACH, EVELYN       Married 1973       GARTNER, HOWARD

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