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IBARRA, DOMINGUEZ       Married 1976       GARCIA, ELVA
IBARRA, DOMITILA       Married 1991       IBARRA, PABLO
IBARRA, DOMMILA       Married 1975       IBARRA, ARMANDO
IBARRA, DONNA       Married 1979       DUNN, JACOB
IBARRA, DONNA       Married 1989       IBARRA, FRANCISCO
IBARRA, DONNA       Married 1986       IBARRA, RAUL
IBARRA, DONNA       Married 1990       IBARRA, SILVANO
IBARRA, DORA       Married 2000       CURIEL, RAFAEL
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1999       DUQUE, MARCO
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1982       FERNANDEZ, DAVID
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1981       GARCIA, JAMES
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1977       IBARRA, ALEJANDRO
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1968       IBARRA, JOSE
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1970       IBARRA, LUIS
IBARRA, DORA       Married 1982       IBARRA, RUBEN

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