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IBARRA, BEATRIZ       Married 1996       SANCHEZ, JAVIER
IBARRA, BEATRIZ       Married 1984       VARGAS, ROMERO
IBARRA, BECKY       Married 1981       RUBIO, ENRIQUE
IBARRA, BELEN       Married 1994       CASTANEDA, RODOLFO
IBARRA, BELIA       Married 1986       IBARRA, ANTHONY
IBARRA, BELIA       Married 1991       ROSAS, VICENTE
IBARRA, BELINDA       Married 1979       GOMEZ, JOEL
IBARRA, BELINDA       Married 1997       OCHOA, VICTOR
IBARRA, BELINDA       Married 1990       SILVA, WILLIAM
IBARRA, BELLA       Married 2000       PAGUETTE, RYAN
IBARRA, BENIGNO       Married 1979       DIAZ, SONIA
IBARRA, BENITA       Married 1978       ESTRADA, IGNACIO
IBARRA, BENITO       Married 1995       ALCALA, ROSEMARY
IBARRA, BENITO       Married 1999       ALVAREZ, VERONICA
IBARRA, BENITO       Married 1974       FAGG, LETITIA

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