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HWANG, KAY       Married 1982       YANG, SUL      
HWANG, KEH       Married 1987       CHIN, EARNESTINE
HWANG, KEH       Married 1987       HWANG, ERNESTINE
HWANG, KEUM       Married 1999       BENSON, KEITH
HWANG, KEUM       Married 2000       LEE, CHONG      
HWANG, KUM       Married 1985       CRAWFORD, GILBERT
HWANG, KUM       Married 1998       EGAN, ROBERT
HWANG, KUM       Married 1973       MAGEE, PAUL      
HWANG, KUM       Married 2000       MASTIN, LEONARD
HWANG, KWI       Married 1977       FLEMING, DAVID
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1983       ANDERSON, CEPHAS
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1990       ECLAVEA, GREGORY
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1994       GYE, SANG      
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1970       HWANG, JU
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1989       LUNDELIUS, RICHARD
HWANG, KYONG       Married 1977       MCBRIDE, NORMAN
HWANG, KYOUNG       Married 1998       KIM, SUNG
HWANG, KYU       Married 1986       HWANG, YONG      

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