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HB, INGEGJORG       Married 1710       SUNDVE, EIRIK
HB, SJURSDTR       Married 1710       SUNDVE, EIRIK
HB, TVEITE       Married 1710       SUNDVE, EIRIK
HBABBIDGE, HANNAH       Married 1762       STINSON, SAMUEL
HBAGWELL, JOHN       Married 1895       BRADLEY, OLLIE
HBAKER, WILLIAM       Married 1825       FOSTER, LUCINDA
HBALES_BEALS, JOHN       Married 1738       HUNT, MARGARET
HBALES_BEALS, JOHN       Married 1778       JOHNSON, SUSANNA
HBALES_BEALS, RD       Married 1738       HUNT, MARGARET
HBALES_BEALS, RD       Married 1778       JOHNSON, SUSANNA
HBARD, WALLACE       Married 1885       ALICE, UNKNOWN
HBASSETT, JOHN       Married 1847       BROOKS, SUSANNAH
HBAUER, ADAM       Married 1894       SCHNEIDER, ANNA
HBAUM, WALTER       Married 1907       DELLINGER, MAGGIE
HBBINGER, MEINDORF       Married 1878       BEXUNS, LIMA
HBDURNILL, DONALD       Married 1881       C, NETTA
HBEBERT, ANNE       Married 1616       JANQUEST, ETIENNE
HBEBERT, LOUIS       Married 1602       ROLLET, MARIE
HBEESON, EDWARD       Married 1900       HAMPTON, CHUSTINA
HBERLING, VERENA       Married 1570       GUT, PETER
HBERT, ADELAIDE       Married 1850       GENDRON, ANTOINE

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