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GUERIN, LIGORA       Married 1920       MURPHY, KATHERINE
GUERIN, LILIANNE       Married 1925       SÉDILOT, CHARLES
GUERIN, LILLIAN       Married 1936       BERARD, WALLACE
GUERIN, LILLIAN       Married 1944       WINLEY, LYELL
GUERIN, LINA       Married 1858       PAYAN DIT ST ONGE, JEAN
GUERIN, LINDA       Married 1977       CAMPBELL, JOHN
GUERIN, LINDA       Married 1978       CARSON, MICHAEL
GUERIN, LINDA       Married 1970       GUERIN, RONALD
GUERIN, LINDA       Married 1968       LANDRY, RONALD
GUERIN, LIONEL       Married 1939       PERRY, CAROLYN
GUERIN, LISETTE       Married 1957       PEPIN, JEAN
GUERIN, LLOYD       Married 1952       LANDRY, LILLIAN
GUERIN, LOIS       Married 1951       MILLER, ROBERT
GUERIN, LORENZO       Married 1935       LACHANCE, MARIE
GUERIN, LORETTA       Married 1931       MCMAHON, JAMES
GUERIN, LORRAINE       Married 1977       BLOUIN, ROGER
GUERIN, LORRAINE       Married 1990       ELDER, JAMES

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