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GSELL, II       Married 1779       SCHLUMPF, ELISABETH
GSELL, II       Married 1628       VONWILLER, HELENE
GSELL, II       Married 1784       ZOLLIKOFER, JOHANNA
GSELL, III       Married 1813       SCHOBINGER, SUSANNE
GSELL, IRMA       Married 1916       IM HOF, HERMANN
GSELL, ISAAK       Married 1726       GSELL, MARGARETHA
GSELL, JACK       Married 1917       DAVID, CLÉLIE
GSELL, JACK       Married 1923       HEER, MARGARETA
GSELL, JACOB       Married 1789       LEONHARD, MARIE
GSELL, JACOB       Married 1800       RUTISHAUSER, ANNA
GSELL, JACOB       Married 1897       THOMAS, SALOME
GSELL, JAK       Married 1916       JEGLINSKY, HORTENSE
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1887       BAERLOCHER, MARIE
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1917       DAVID, CLÉLIE
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1636       FLÄSCHNER, URSULA
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1923       HEER, MARGARETA
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1707       HÖGGER, SUSANNA
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1823       LUTZ, WILHELMINA
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1852       LUTZ, WILHELMINE
GSELL, JAKOB       Married 1677       SCHLAPRIZI, ANNA

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