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GSELL, HANS       Married 1695       BRUNSKI, KATHARINA
GSELL, HANS       Married 1636       FLÄSCHNER, URSULA
GSELL, HANS       Married 1823       LUTZ, WILHELMINA
GSELL, HANS       Married 1707       PREVOT, MARIA
GSELL, HANS       Married 1941       REBUFFO, RAQUEL
GSELL, HANS       Married 1744       RUTISHAUSER, ANNA
GSELL, HANS       Married 1645       SCHÄRZIN, ELSBETH
GSELL, HARRY       Married 1889       WALCK, ESTELLA
GSELL, HEINRICH       Married 1757       REICH, KATHARINA
GSELL, HELENE       Married 1729       HEDDAEUS, PHILIP
GSELL, HENRI       Married 1878       BRAUN, LOUISE
GSELL, HENRI       Married 1852       GRUNDER, MADELEINE
GSELL, HENRI       Married 1907       WOLF, LILY
GSELL, HENRIETTE       Married 1729       HEDDAEUS, PHILIP
GSELL, HENRY       Married 1935       KRAMER, KATHERINE
GSELL, HENRY       Married 1945       NEISS, MARTHA
GSELL, HENRY       Married 1878       SNAVELY, ANNIE
GSELL, HERMANN       Married 1666       FITTLER, ELISABETH
GSELL, HERMANN       Married 1906       KESSLER, EMILIE

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