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FÅ, BORGHILD       Married 1748       HAUSKEN, NILS
FÅ, EIVIND       Married 1640       ALSVIK, NN
FÅ, EIVIND       Married 1640       UNKNOWN, NN
FÅ, ERIK       Married 1740       KINGESTAD, MAREN
FÅ, ERIK       Married 1844       PFLAUM, WILHELMINE
FÅ, JACOB       Married 1720       NÅDON, KAREN
FÅ, JAKOB       Married 1720       NÅDÅ, KAREN
FÅ, JENS       Married 1879       HANAKAM, RAGNHILDA
FÅ, MARIE       Married 1812       HAUSKJE, LARS
FÅBERG, ANNA       Married 1670       ALSMO, ELLEND
FÅCHE, ROBERT       Married 1696       CADIEUX, CATHERINE
FÅDAL, ELLING       Married 1772       NORDMOEN, MARIT
FÅRENES, TARAL       Married 1707       FOSSMARK, MAGLA

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