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FLORIA, SYLVAN       Married 1980       MUSGROVE, JAMIE
FLORIA, SYLVAN       Married 1983       THOMPSON, TAMMY
FLORIA, VERNON       Married 1924       DEAN, MARGARET
FLORIA, VERNON       Married 1905       MEEKER, NINA
FLORIA, VERNON       Married 1974       MINKEL, UNKNOWN
FLORIAN, ALBERT       Married 1898       BATH, LOUISE
FLORIAN, ALICE       Married 1893       MILROY, WILLIAM
FLORIAN, ALOYSIUS       Married 1932       KARTCH, DOROTHY
FLORIAN, AMY       Married 1994       FLORIAN, MCDONALD
FLORIAN, ANA       Married 1993       SANDOVAL, PHILIP
FLORIAN, ANDREW       Married 1940       KARLS, LUCILLE
FLORIAN, ANGELICA       Married 1987       FLORIAN, JOSE
FLORIAN, ANGILEE       Married 1989       MALVEAUX, VICTOR
FLORIAN, ANNA       Married 1829       BLOOM, JACOB
FLORIAN, ANNA       Married 1919       MURPHY, LOUIS
FLORIAN, ANNA       Married 1882       VOLENSKY, AUGUST

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