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FLORI, DOROTHY       Married 1959       WAGENFUHR, GEORGE
FLORI, FRANK       Married 1900       BELLMER, IDA
FLORI, FRANZISCA       Married 1881       KRIESE, PAUL
FLORI, GLADYS       Married 1968       SORTORE, JOHNNY
FLORI, HANS       Married 1663       WESTHOFER, ANNA
FLORI, HANS       Married 1664       WESTHOFER, ANNA
FLORI, HILDA       Married 1925       YAX, ARTHUR
FLORI, JACOB       Married 1903       CREEVEY, AGNES
FLORI, JACOB       Married 1874       DOFFNER, BERTHA
FLORI, JACOB       Married 1884       LINN, CAMELIA
FLORI, JANE       Married 1985       WOOTEN, ALFRED
FLORI, JIMMY       Married 1998       MOORE, DARLA
FLORI, JOHN       Married 1879       SCHAFER, SUSAN
FLORI, KAMAE       Married 1990       FLORI, THOMAS
FLORI, KAREN       Married 2000       LOGAN, AARON
FLORI, LAURA       Married 1994       SHINN, PATRICK

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