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FLEY, ELIZABETH       Married 1764       MANLEY, ROBERT
FLEY, FRANCES       Married 1784       RIDGE, SAMUEL
FLEY, GRACE       Married 1928       PEFLEY, CAIL
FLEY, JAMES       Married 1859       KERSLAKE, ELIZABETH
FLEY, JENNY       Married 1785       LEE, JOSEPH
FLEY, JOHN       Married 1614       LAWRENCE, LUCY
FLEY, KATHERINE       Married 1634       CLOGG, HUMPHREY
FLEY, MAMIE       Married 1920       SEIDEL, CHARLES
FLEY, MARY       Married 1757       GRINSLADE, WILLIAM
FLEY, MICHAEL       Married 1727       LEANARD, MARY
FLEY, REBECCA       Married 1765       HOW, JOSEPH
FLEY, RICHARD       Married 1683       KNOWLES, GRACE
FLEY, ROGER       Married 1910       BAYLEY, MISS
FLEY, SAMUEL       Married 1758       DE LIESSELINE, FRANCES
FLEY, SAMUEL       Married 1730       POINSETT, ELIZABETH
FLEY, SARAH       Married 1783       RIDLER, JAMES

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