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FLEXER, LILY       Married 1979       MORAN, HARRY
FLEXER, MAGGIE       Married 1904       FELIX, WILBERT
FLEXER, MARGARET       Married 1943       DUNCAN, POPE
FLEXER, MARY       Married 1930       HOLMES, ORSON
FLEXER, MATILDA       Married 1870       ECK, STEPHEN
FLEXER, MOSES       Married 1854       UNKNOWN, MATILDA
FLEXER, ROBERT       Married 1970       FLEXER, DENE
FLEXER, ROBERT       Married 1978       GOODMAN, CAROL
FLEXER, SALOME       Married 1817       NEITZ, JOHANNES
FLEXER, SARA       Married 1992       TAYLOR, GEORGE
FLEXER, SARAH       Married 1875       HUNSICKER, JERAMIAH
FLEXER, SHANE       Married 1991       EDGAR, GAYLE
FLEXER, VICTOR       Married 1891       BOWMAN, IDA
FLEXHAUG, CHRIST       Married 1921       RICHARDSON, ELLA
FLEXHAUG, CLARA       Married 1916       BROWN, FRED

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