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DÆHLEN, MARGIT       Married 1939       ANDERSEN, OLE
DÆHLI, HANS       Married 1716       OLSDATTER, AASE
DÆKKENE, ELLING       Married 1851       BERGS EIE, KIRSTI
DÆKKENE, KRISTI       Married 1861       SVERIG, JOHANNES
DÆKKENE, KRISTI       Married 1868       VIK, OLE
DÆKKENE, RAGNHILD       Married 1874       LARSEN, ANDREAS
DÆLI, BERTHE       Married 1750       GÅLÅS, LARS
DÆLI, ENGEBRET       Married 1750       BOKSTAD, JOHANNE
DÆLI, HANS       Married 1741       EDVARDSDATTER, ANGJER
DÆNDLER, INGER       Married 1915       SOMMERFELDT, NILS
DÆRER, ANNA       Married 1729       BERTSCHI, JACOB
DÆRER, MR       Married 1700       DÆRER, MRS      
DÆRER, MRS       Married 1700       DÆRER, MR      

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