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D0105BKOWSKA, MARIA       Married 1925       STAWARSKI, JAN
D01A8COLS, ARSENDE       Married 0930       SOUVIGNY, AYMON
D0BIGNY, FLORE       Married 1855       BREANT, JOSEPH
D0W, JOHN       Married 1734       BRYCE, JANET      
D0W, MARGARET       Married 1763       HENDERSON, JAMES
D1748, JOHN       Married 1742       ROWE, ELIZABETH
D2019 ALENCON, ADELIA       Married 1149       SALISBURY DE, PATRICK
D2019 ALENCON, ADELIA       Married 1136       WARENNE, WILLIAM
D2019ANJOU, GERBERGA       Married 0985       TAILLEFER, WILLIAM
D2019AUMALE, ANNA       Married 1789       SPRENGTPORTEN, GEORG
D2019ÉVREUX, BLANCHE       Married 1350       VALOIS, PHILIPPE
D2019ÉVREUX, JOANNA       Married 1403       LANCASTER, HENRY
D7EALHSWITH, ALICE       Married 1715       COMSTOCK, DANIEL

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