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DLABAJ, DORENE       Married 1974       DLABAJ, BOBBY
DLABAJ, ELEANOR       Married 1950       DLABAJ, STANLEY
DLABAJ, ERNEST       Married 1985       WAGGONER, JESSIE
DLABAJ, FAITH       Married 1980       DLABAJ, BOBBY
DLABAJ, FRANK       Married 1900       DLABAJ, HELEN
DLABAJ, FRANK       Married 1971       DLABAJ, NANCY
DLABAJ, FRANKIE       Married 1971       BAACK, NANCY
DLABAJ, GEORGE       Married 1978       DLABAJ, MARILYN
DLABAJ, GEORGE       Married 1978       SHAW, MARILYN
DLABAJ, GERALDINE       Married 1990       ADAMS, WILLIAM
DLABAJ, HELEN       Married 1900       DLABAJ, FRANK
DLABAJ, HELEN       Married 1969       SHOFNER, ALLEN
DLABAJ, HELEN       Married 1977       YARBROUGH, JERRY
DLABAJ, JAMES       Married 1970       HENSHALL, JOY
DLABAJ, JAMI       Married 1996       VEGA, SALVADOR
DLABAJ, JANIE       Married 1969       NEMIC, ALBERT
DLABAJ, JEAN       Married 1966       PATAK, PAUL
DLABAJ, JEFFERY       Married 1995       DLABAJ, WENDY
DLABAJ, JEFFREY       Married 1991       RANKIN, LEAH
DLABAJ, JERRY       Married 1993       OYERVIDES, MARIA
DLABAJ, JIMMY       Married 1985       HOLLEMAN, PATRICIA
DLABAJ, JIMMY       Married 1997       TOUPAL, RAMONA
DLABAJ, JIMMY       Married 1992       TOWNSEND, CATHY
DLABAJ, JOHNNY       Married 1970       CHEEK, SHARON

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