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DLABAJ, SHARON       Married 1974       DLABAJ, JOHNNY
DLABAJ, SHARRON       Married 1970       DLABAJ, JOHNNY
DLABAJ, SHEILA       Married 1984       DLABAJ, BOBBY
DLABAJ, SHERRY       Married 1986       BLAKE, HAROLD
DLABAJ, SHERRY       Married 1997       LITLAND, RICHARD
DLABAJ, STANLEY       Married 1981       BOBAL, MARY
DLABAJ, STANLEY       Married 1997       DLABAJ, DEANNA
DLABAJ, STANLEY       Married 1972       DLABAJ, DEBRA
DLABAJ, STANLEY       Married 1950       DLABAJ, ELEANOR
DLABAJ, STANLEY       Married 1981       DLABAJ, MARY
DLABAJ, STEVEN       Married 1989       DAVIS, BONNIE
DLABAJ, SUSAN       Married 1977       WUNDERLICH, TERRY
DLABAJ, TIMOTHY       Married 1986       MACALIK, KIMBERLY
DLABAJ, TIMOTHY       Married 1996       VALEK, MICHELLE
DLABAJ, TONYA       Married 1999       WATSON, ALLEN
DLABAJ, VICKIE       Married 1975       DLABAJ, DAVID
DLABAJ, WENDY       Married 1995       DLABAJ, JEFFERY
DLABAJA, ALVIN       Married 1981       DLABAJA, MELISA
DLABAJA, ALVIN       Married 1994       LARZA, WENDE
DLABAJA, ALVIN       Married 1981       MOERBE, MELISA
DLABAJA, GARY       Married 1988       DLABAJA, SUSAN
DLABAJA, GARY       Married 1988       SMITH, SUSAN
DLABAJA, HENRY       Married 1957       DLABAJA, LOIS
DLABAJA, HENRY       Married 1973       HEATHERLY, MARY
DLABAJA, JO       Married 1990       KNIPPA, MARK

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