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DL, CLERKE       Married 1894       STAPYLTON, VIOLET
DL, EDMUND       Married 1894       STAPYLTON, VIOLET
DLABAG, GEORGE       Married 1991       BOSWELL, TEENA
DLABAGA, DAVID       Married 1989       HARRIS, KIMBERLY
DLABAJ, AMANDA       Married 1974       NOVAK, ERVIN
DLABAJ, ANN       Married 1966       HAMMONDS, ROBERT
DLABAJ, BETTY       Married 1966       PATAK, PAUL
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1984       BRITTAIN, SHEILA
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1970       DLABAJ, DEBBIE
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1974       DLABAJ, DORENE
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1980       DLABAJ, FAITH
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1974       DLABAJ, RHONDA
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1984       DLABAJ, SHEILA
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1974       LOONEY, RHONDA
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1974       MORRIS, DORENE
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1980       NEIGHBORS, FAITH
DLABAJ, BOBBY       Married 1970       ROBBINS, DEBORAH
DLABAJ, BRANDI       Married 1998       GULLEY, ROBERT
DLABAJ, BRENDA       Married 1991       EZELL, LARRY
DLABAJ, BRENDA       Married 1984       LORD, WILLIAM
DLABAJ, BRENDA       Married 1973       MITCHELL, GARY
DLABAJ, BRENDA       Married 1986       SLAGLE, RONNIE
DLABAJ, CHARLENE       Married 1992       WADSWORTH, KELLY
DLABAJ, DAVID       Married 1980       DLABAJ, DONNA

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