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DICKIE, ROGERS       Married 1879       MCPHIE, CHARLES
DICKIE, RONALD       Married 1939       KLINGNER, AILSA
DICKIE, RONALD       Married 1945       STEEVES, MARION
DICKIE, RONNIE       Married 1978       DICKIE, SHIRLEY
DICKIE, RONNIE       Married 1978       MAJORS, SHIRLEY
DICKIE, ROSE       Married 1881       PIKE, CHARLOTTE
DICKIE, ROSE       Married 1897       SPRAQUE, WALLACE
DICKIE, ROSS       Married 1954       BURKITT, MABEL
DICKIE, RUBY       Married 1916       LUTES, RUPERT
DICKIE, RUFUS       Married 1911       GOULD, ELLEN
DICKIE, RUSSELL       Married 1937       ALLEN, LILLIAN
DICKIE, RUSSELL       Married 1928       MINER, ALETHA
DICKIE, RUTH       Married 1942       CAMPBELL, JOHN
DICKIE, RUTH       Married 1838       MCCALLUM, THOMAS
DICKIE, RUTH       Married 1838       MCCOLLUM, THOMAS
DICKIE, RUTH       Married 1935       SILVERTHORNE, ALFRED
DICKIE, RUTH       Married 1923       YODER, FREDERICK
DICKIE, SAMSON       Married 1881       PIKE, CHARLOTTE
DICKIE, SAMUEL       Married 1883       DUNLAP, AMELIA

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