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DICKIE, PHYLLIS       Married 1940       CURRIE, HOWARD
DICKIE, PHYLLIS       Married 1946       KEYES, DR CLAUDE
DICKIE, PINCKNEY       Married 1907       LISTER, PHILIP
DICKIE, POLLY       Married 1801       DOUGAN, SAMUEL
DICKIE, POLLY       Married 1771       HILLHOUSE, JAMES
DICKIE, POLLY       Married 1819       WADDELL, DAVID
DICKIE, POWELL       Married 1925       COTIE, JOHN
DICKIE, PRICE       Married 1915       CALDWELL, ROSE
DICKIE, PRISCILLA       Married 1886       MCKINNEY, JOB
DICKIE, RACHEL       Married 1773       BIRD, RICHARD
DICKIE, RACHEL       Married 1775       BYRD, RICHARD
DICKIE, RACHEL       Married 1883       POPE, C      
DICKIE, RACHEL       Married 1899       WOODIN, GEORGE
DICKIE, RALPH       Married 1858       BELL, BEATRICE
DICKIE, RANDAL       Married 1930       PUTNAM, HARRIET
DICKIE, RANDALL       Married 1930       PUTNAM, HATTIE
DICKIE, RAYMOND       Married 1916       BARRICK, CLARA
DICKIE, RAYMOND       Married 1920       BURCHINAL, MARY
DICKIE, RAYMOND       Married 1942       MYERS, MURIEL

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