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DICKENS, DELLARD       Married 1943       STRIDER, WILLIE
DICKENS, DELMA       Married 1945       DANIELL, ELNID
DICKENS, DELMAR       Married 1959       PETTRY, GEORGIA
DICKENS, DELPHINE       Married 1868       TANNER, BINGLEY
DICKENS, DELSIE       Married 1944       CANTLEY, CARL
DICKENS, DENA       Married 1994       ALVIS, JAMES
DICKENS, DENISE       Married 1983       DICKENS, JOSEPH
DICKENS, DENNIE       Married 1999       TILGHMAN, CAROL
DICKENS, DENNIS       Married 1908       WHITE, ESSIE
DICKENS, DENNIS       Married 1940       WOODS, ANN
DICKENS, DEONNA       Married 1994       REEVES, CRAIG
DICKENS, DEREK       Married 1993       FILLMORE, MARTHA
DICKENS, DERINA       Married 1998       HORTON, ERIC
DICKENS, DERRICK       Married 2000       HODGES, YULONDA
DICKENS, DESSEL       Married 1944       ADKINS, HUBERT
DICKENS, DEVERIOUS       Married 1972       WILSON, WILTON
DICKENS, DEWEY       Married 1920       RICHARDSON, MYRTLE
DICKENS, DEWITT       Married 1920       SPIVEY, LENA
DICKENS, DEXTER       Married 1921       TRAWICK, BONNIE

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