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DIBLEY, CHARLES       Married 1906       SMITH, MARY
DIBLEY, CHARLES       Married 1939       WIEGMAN, MARIAN
DIBLEY, CHARLOTTE       Married 1940       CHOPPING, JESSE
DIBLEY, CHARLOTTE       Married 1891       FORDHAM, ABEL
DIBLEY, CLARE       Married 1937       BARNES, CEDRIC
DIBLEY, CLARENCE       Married 1910       GOODSELL, MAUDE
DIBLEY, DANIEL       Married 1744       COOPER, ANN
DIBLEY, DAVID       Married 1971       WESTMILLER, CAROL
DIBLEY, DORIS       Married 1934       WOOD, WILLIAM
DIBLEY, DOROTHY       Married 1920       WICK, ARTHUR
DIBLEY, DOUGLAS       Married 1925       KARL, SUSANNAH
DIBLEY, EDITH       Married 1893       DRY, GEORGE
DIBLEY, EDWARD       Married 1948       DAVIS, ALICE
DIBLEY, EDWARD       Married 1904       SMITH, ROXIE
DIBLEY, EDWARD       Married 1880       WALSHAW, LAVINIA
DIBLEY, ELIZA       Married 1852       DIXON, GEORGE
DIBLEY, ELIZA       Married 1906       SCUTT, THOMAS
DIBLEY, ELKANNAH       Married 1855       MOORE, MARY
DIBLEY, ELLEN       Married 1930       HUTSON, GEORGE
DIBLEY, ELSIE       Married 1930       HUTSON, GEORGE

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