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DIAL, LOUISE       Married 1950       SCOTT, NELA
DIAL, LOVIE       Married 1890       LOGUE, COLUMBUS
DIAL, LOWELL       Married 1930       IRWIN, MARTHA
DIAL, LOYD       Married 1895       BRANSAN, ROSA
DIAL, LU       Married 1988       HAMMERSTROM, DONALD
DIAL, LUCETTA       Married 1947       COBBLEY, JOSEPH
DIAL, LUCETTA       Married 1894       DIAL, SAMUEL
DIAL, LUCETTA       Married 1938       LANDON, DAINIE
DIAL, LUCEY       Married 1899       COX, ANTHONY
DIAL, LUCIE       Married 1828       LAND, AARON
DIAL, LUCIEL       Married 1921       LEMON, CHARLES
DIAL, LUCILE       Married 1940       MAYHEW, JAMES
DIAL, LUCILE       Married 1974       PETIT, GEORGE
DIAL, LUCINDA       Married 1849       ALLGOOD, SAMUEL
DIAL, LUCINDA       Married 1843       BARKSDALE, DOWN
DIAL, LUCINDA       Married 1843       BARKSDALE, DOWNS
DIAL, LUCY       Married 1893       ARNOLD, WILLIAM
DIAL, LUCY       Married 1905       BRICKER, J      
DIAL, LUCY       Married 1886       COLE, BERT      
DIAL, LUCY       Married 1886       COLE, W       in

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