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DINKLE, LEONA       Married 1897       GARRISON, JAMES
DINKLE, LEONE       Married 1899       GARRISON, JAMES
DINKLE, LETA       Married 1912       COLEMAN, CLARENCE
DINKLE, LEWIS       Married 1878       BOWLBY, LYDIA
DINKLE, LIZZIE       Married 1888       GREENE, ELIJAH
DINKLE, LOUELLA       Married 1923       ARNOLD, GAY
DINKLE, LOUIS       Married 1893       BROOKS, SARAH
DINKLE, LUCILE       Married 1930       SHEPPARD, GUY
DINKLE, MAE       Married 1838       SMALTZ, JOHN
DINKLE, MAE       Married 1838       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
DINKLE, MANVILLE       Married 1864       SHEPLER, FRANCIS
DINKLE, MARGARET       Married 1936       SIBOLS, ELDON
DINKLE, MARGARET       Married 1895       SMITH, DANIEL
DINKLE, MARIA       Married 1756       ALBRIGHT, PHILLIP
DINKLE, MARIA       Married 1788       DOUDEL, JACOB
DINKLE, MARIA       Married 1767       SPANGLER, RUDOLPH
DINKLE, MARIA       Married 1802       SPANGLER, SAMUEL
DINKLE, MARTHA       Married 1867       POTTS, LANTZ
DINKLE, MARTHA       Married 1857       WOOD, WILLIAM

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