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DINGLEY, ALVIN       Married 1920       BAKER, GWENDOLYN
DINGLEY, AMY       Married 1915       WOOD, GEORGE
DINGLEY, ANDREW       Married 1902       HAMILTON, MARY
DINGLEY, ANN       Married 1779       HAVILAND, EDWARD
DINGLEY, ANN       Married 1843       LIBBY, ANDREW
DINGLEY, ANN       Married 1818       LIES, JOHN
DINGLEY, ANN       Married 1996       MARTINEZ, JOSE
DINGLEY, ANN       Married 1758       PILLSBURY, JACOB
DINGLEY, ANNA       Married 1790       WATERMAN, ASA
DINGLEY, ANNA       Married 1815       WHITE, BENJAMIN
DINGLEY, ANNE       Married 1561       LECHMERE, EDMUND
DINGLEY, ANNE       Married 1575       LECHMERE, EDMUND
DINGLEY, ANNE       Married 1603       SKINNER, RICHARD
DINGLEY, ANNE       Married 1816       WHITE, BENJAMIN
DINGLEY, ANNIE       Married 1923       MELVIN, ROLAND
DINGLEY, ANNIE       Married 1924       SMITH, JOHN
DINGLEY, ANTHONY       Married 1982       FIELD, ESTER
DINGLEY, ARTHUR       Married 1982       SHOREY, SUSAN
DINGLEY, ARTHUR       Married 1873       WESTON, SARAH

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