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DINGLER, ALISON       Married 1988       WOODRUFF, PAUL
DINGLER, ALLEN       Married 1973       CONNARROE, EDNA
DINGLER, ALLEN       Married 1912       GODWIN, MARTHA
DINGLER, ALLEN       Married 1908       HUDGINS, HALLIE
DINGLER, ALLIE       Married 1906       THRASH, JOHN
DINGLER, ALONZO       Married 1915       YOUNG, ETHEL
DINGLER, ALVIN       Married 1919       DICKERSON, ESTHER
DINGLER, ALVIN       Married 1886       TAYLOR, JULIA
DINGLER, AMANDA       Married 1872       BICKLEY, WILLIAM
DINGLER, AMANDA       Married 1894       HARWELL, CHARLES
DINGLER, AMANDA       Married 1865       HELMS, JAMES
DINGLER, AMANDA       Married 1984       WILLOUGHBY, GARY
DINGLER, ANDREW       Married 2005       COOPER, MARGARET
DINGLER, ANDREW       Married 1937       HENTHORNE, AUDIE
DINGLER, ANGELA       Married 2000       KLUG, CHRISTOPHER
DINGLER, ANN       Married 1843       BARNES, EDWARD
DINGLER, ANN       Married 1965       DINGLER, JAMES
DINGLER, ANN       Married 1877       KNIGHT, MONROE
DINGLER, ANNA       Married 1880       MCKENNA, THOMAS
DINGLER, ANNAMARIE       Married 1979       PRUETT, DALE

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