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DINGER, ELLEN       Married 1922       REITER, CARL
DINGER, ELLIS       Married 1907       CARTER, MARTHA
DINGER, ELLIS       Married 1907       WALKER, MARTHA
DINGER, ELLSWORTH       Married 1909       MCDONALD, MARY
DINGER, ELMER       Married 1892       COLEMAN, MARIA
DINGER, ELMIRA       Married 1946       DAUGHERTY, ROBERT
DINGER, ELMIRA       Married 1903       SNYDER, ELMER
DINGER, ELSIE       Married 1950       ZENTS, FRANCIS
DINGER, ELVA       Married 1949       WOLFGANG, WALTER
DINGER, ELWOOD       Married 1915       SHIREY, ALBERTA
DINGER, ELWOOD       Married 1932       STEINER, MARY
DINGER, EMANUEL       Married 1871       BURNS, JANE
DINGER, EMANUEL       Married 1887       SHAFFER, SALINA
DINGER, EMANUEL       Married 1885       YOUNT, JANE
DINGER, EMERSON       Married 1947       LETTIE, MARY
DINGER, EMMA       Married 1921       DENISON, CLARENCE
DINGER, EMMA       Married 1884       DIENER, DAVID
DINGER, EMMA       Married 1906       DOVERSPIKE, WILLIAM
DINGER, EMMA       Married 1887       KUNSELMAN, EDWARD
DINGER, EMMA       Married 1935       MARTZ, CHARLES

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